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We came together as a small group of people with a passion and a laser focused vision - to get World Peace School Sports Day launched on 21st September and, in its first year, to help the people of Ukraine. 

Our aim is to empower young people to use sport and physical activity to reaffirm international values of peace and friendship. By paying a Pound a Euro or a Dollar to take part they will be raising money to help those suffering in the midst of war. In coming years we will continue to promote these values and fundraise for those in conflict globally.


Its two weeks since launch and it's been a whirlwind! So far we've: built a website and started a social media campaign; contacted thousands of schools and youth groups worldwide asking them to take part; sent out a press release outlining the launch to media worldwide; forged relationships with sporting stars who over the next few months will be giving quotes and appearing in videos to support the cause; identified and built a relationship with, the umbrella charity that will distribute funds raised to Ukraine; begun talks with companies and international sports teams to ask them to sponsor us for this year and next; and spent hours and hours thinking about legal and accountancy issues that go with trying to build an international fund raising company in weeks not years!

And so far we've done it all ourselves using our own time and our own limited resources. We are only 10 people and we now need some short-term help. Help that will ensure a successful first year and lay the foundations for the years to come.


We need the money to hire some interns to turbocharge our social media and outreach campaigns. Making sure we reach the widest possible audience with our message.


We need the money to help fund media and sporting activities in countries that want to be part of this worldwide campaign but whose children can't afford to pay to play.


But most of all we need the money to make sure that what we started comes to fruition and that this year we can help the children of Ukraine who are suffering daily in this vicious and bloody conflict.


Peace is the Prize. You can help us to win it.

Thank You

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