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UN World Peace Day Sept 21st


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World Peace School Sports Day: from Sydney to Seattle

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Join a worldwide movement of schools and youth groups by taking part in the first ever World Peace School Sports Day on 21 September 2022.

Young people CAN and WILL make a difference by using sport to confirm the international values of peace and friendship.

  • Sign in below to receive a teachers/ youth leaders pack and further information. By doing this you will also receive updates as we get closer to the big day.

  • Young people can take part in ‘traditional’ sports activities or in e-sports through coding. They can be school and/or youth group events; in PE lessons  or just a playground game, it’s up to you! And, if they wish, they can dress in blue or yellow to show their support for Ukraine. 

  • Those taking part are invited to donate £1/E1/$1 (or equivalent) which, this year, we recommend sending to help the people of Ukraine. To ensure that 100% of the money you donate goes to charity, you will find links below to a number of the charities with dedicated Ukraine funds. If you would prefer to make a donation to another charity not listed here, then please feel free to do so.


WPSSD will take nothing from this donation and thank you for supporting our efforts. WPSSD has been completely self-funded up to now, and is run by a team who have volunteered their time to bring this project to fruition.

Should you wish to help with the expenses incurred in the running of WPSSD then please use our donate button. Your contribution will help us to ensure that WPSSD can become an annual event, bringing much needed relief to families and children worldwide.

How can we get involved?

Paula Radcliffe | MBE

“I love this idea: Sport is such a power for Peace and Solidarity and is a strong vehicle of breaking down barriers in society and bringing people together. I can’t think of a better way to get our children involved in sport while making a difference than by harnessing the power and camaraderie of sport to support Ukraine and let them know that we stand in solidarity and support of them.”

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World Peace Day:
21st September

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wear blue and yellow


donate £1/€1/$1 to a cause of your choice

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